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In 1987 a native resident of Ottowa created the first batch of ingredients using a washing machine in his own home. His name is Marc Saint-Onge founder of Golden Moor, after discovering the perfect bog in Casselman, Canada his company got an exclusive mining right to extract the ingredients for Moor Mud.

A bog is a wetland type, accumulating acidic peat, in better words a large deposit of dead plant material.

After 20 years in business and being a public traded company Golden Moor is now in the multi level marketing Industry. The goal is simple; help distributors build a solid business for long term success. Distributors when joining Golden Moor will receive a very sophisticated Kid which includes replicated websites, auto responder, landing pages, training and much more.

When researching the website I have found a few links which did not allow me to research certain pages. Also the attempt to find a clear structure on how much in commission or residual the company pays to their distributors was missing as well. Only the fast acting bonus pay is listed.

The  MLM  is build on a binary matrix system and each distributor can build only 2 teams, and with a neat system of having a cut off day every Wednesday night teams will be build under whoever secured his or her position. The lowest cost to secure a position is $99 dollars and the highest is $499 dollars, with a fast acting pay out of $20 to$ 100 dollars for the Direct Sponsor.

Golden Moor is working with a few lead generation companies to allow distributors to purchase leads and generate visitors to their website and with the build in auto responder the leads are going to be informed about the company, product and opportunity. This will ensure the smooth start for people who do not know anything about marketing online.

Golden Moor has a great package for anyone who joins and I know that certain link issues will be worked on in the future. It is recommended to have easy access to a payment plan of some sort, so individuals who are researching the company get a better view of how things work.

With the old word of mouth marketing philosophy distributors are not going to have many choices than purchasing leads. Marketing online is one of the most important methods to generate leads. And it has to be made available to the all network marketers. Creating a lead list for a company is something nobody recommends, each network marketer should own his or her list.

The future looks bright for Golden Moor and with constant improvements to the Website and tools made available for distributors, solid growth can be certain.

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Source by Thomas Lierzer