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This past weekend I took two of my horses to a couple of local hunter/jumper shows, and I learned something invaluable about rhythm that applies to online MLM marketing. One of these horses, a mare named Valentine, has always been a challenge to show. She’s ultra-talented but also inconsistent, competitive with me, and too mischievous for her own good. She can cruise around a jumper course with her eyes closed on a good day, but on a bad day she bucks me off before the first jump and then runs around the arena like a wild banshee, refusing to caught.

No training methods I have tried have worked, but this weekend I found one that did. I decided that Valentine and I needed to get into a rhythm, one that worked for both of us. During our warm up, I just cantered her in a circle over a small jump, over and over and over — ad nauseaum. At first she was nervous, then rebellious, and then finally she took a deep breath and clicked into a rhythm. The jump became no big deal. She dropped her head and just grooved with the rhythm.

So what’s the moral of this story? The moral is that those of us doing online MLM marketing–and feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all there is to do–just need to find a rhythm that works for us and stick to it.

What’s a Rhythm in Online MLM Marketing?

Developing a rhythm for your online marketing program means coming up with a consistent schedule of tasks that makes sense to you and doesn’t drive you crazy. For instance, if blogging is a major part of your online promotion, getting into a rhythm means asking yourself:

1. What posting schedule am I comfortable committing to?

2. Do I have a major focus for my blog?

3. Do I have a regular method and schedule for coming up with blog topics for my editorial calendar?

4. Do I know how much time I need to research and write each blog post?

5. Have I scheduled time to respond to comments on my blog?

6. Do I have a schedule for promoting my blog posts elsewhere online?

7. Have I scheduled time to respond to inquiries and other chatter generated by my blog?

Now before you go into overwhelm about this list of questions, take a gander at how your answers to these questions might transform into a rhythmic online MLM marketing schedule that works for you.

Let’s suppose you write an MLM blog and you’ve decided to post twice a week. Suppose also that each blog post takes you an hour to research and write, and that you promote a large percentage of those posts in a major article directory and via some social media platforms. Here’s how your schedule might look:

* Sunday: Brainstorm blog posts for the coming week (0.5 hours)

* Monday: Research and write blog posts for Tuesday and Thursday, including researching keywords if necessary (1 hour)

* Tuesday: Post both blog posts (Thursday’s in advance) with tags and pictures; ping the blog (1 hour)

* Thursday: Ping the blog; submit posts (edited appropriately) to a major article directory and two social media platforms (1.5 hours)

* Friday: Add your comments to 5 blogs written by relevant online marketing thought leaders, which enhances your online presence (1 hour)

* Daily: Respond to incoming inquiries via email and posted comments on the blog (varies)

Not including the daily time spent responding to comments and inquiries, this gives you a schedule that takes 5 hours per week. This schedule is designed to work for people who have day jobs and can’t squish all the tasks into a single day. Alternatively, you could do all of these on a single day, probably on Saturday or Sunday.

The point is that having an online MLM marketing schedule gives you a rhythm. It helps keep you disciplined and on track, and it removes any doubt or anxiety that you are “doing the right thing.” As long as you stick to a particular schedule, you’ll see results after a certain period of time. Having a schedule helps you get into a groove, kind of like cantering circles helped my jumper mare keep her sanity. By the way, she ended up being the division champion at that particular show.

What do you think? Will having an online MLM rhythm help you be the champion of your online business?

* P.S. – Pinging is just a way to let a bunch of blog directories know that you have a new post on your blog. It brings you more traffic. Services like pingoat and pingomatic do it for you for free. Check ’em out.

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