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For network marketers who have very good people skills, telephone prospecting can be the key to your success. How do you handle a prospect who has made initial contact with you to know more about your business opportunity?

The following are eight (8) steps you need to know to achieve success in telephone prospecting:

  1. Put on your best smile and show enthusiasm. Did you know that 7% of all communication is verbal? That means that 93% is non-verbal. Prospects will sense that you have that smile and show enthusiasm when you chat with them on the phone. Be sure to do both when you call to follow-up on a prospect.
  2. Do not finish the prospect’s sentence for him. When conversing with a prospect, listen to them. Do not be rude and put words into their mouth as though you know what they are talking about. For example, if they say they are a letter carrier, do not assume that you know everything about the postal service. Remember that people enjoy talking about themselves so allow them to talk to you. That is how you will develop rapport. You have two ears and one mouth. So listen twice as long as you speak.
  3. Ask questions. The one that asks questions is the one that has control over the conversation. Never ask yes-no questions. Keep the prospect talking about themselves. That way you will gain an insight on who they are and what they want. This is the only way to determine if this person is worth working with in your business. Are they self-sustaining? Are they a team player? Are they dependable?
  4. Be yourself. Do not be something that you are not with the prospect. Just talk to them like they are your friend. Just do not talk down to them. They will sense that. Do not be a high and mighty  MLM  recruiter who has 11,000 people in his downline when you really have 10. Just relax and do not be overbearing. Again, be yourself.
  5. Identify the prospect’s wants, strengths, interests, and goals. When you converse with the prospect, determine what they want, what interests them, what their strengths are, and what they want to accomplish.

    Ask the prospect what they want out of life? Ask them what their hobbies are. Ask them what they are good at. Ask them what they do for a living. Ask them where they want to be 1 year from now. Or 5 years from now.

  6. Create urgency for the prospect. When you converse with prospects, let them know that you will be making a decision on who you want for your business in 36 hours. If you do not create this sense of urgency for the prospect, they WILL forget about it. If they really are interested in your offer, they will make time to read up on your materials and be there when you call them to follow-up. Remember, in network marketing, you really want motivated people to join your business.
  7. Create enough leads. To be successful in network marketing, you should have an ongoing supply of fresh, high quality leads. If you are marketing yourself on the internet, be sure that you have at least 15 people a day opting-in to your website so that you can contact them right away. If you buy leads from a lead broker, plan on calling at least 100 leads a week. Once you see a profit in your business, be sure to re-invest that profit back into your business. That is how you make your business grow.
  8. Follow-up on your leads. Always follow-up with your leads. Call them and leave a message. If they are interested, they will call you back. My rule of thumb is to not call them after the second call. If they do not call back after you called them twice, move on to the next person.

These eight (8) steps for multi-level marketing success will benefit you if you are a good phone person. Remember that it takes time to build a business. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Why should your business be any different?

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Source by Marco Abanico