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Your blog is capable of being one of your best MLM recruiting tools, and here’s why: your readers want to know about you. They want to identify with you and they want someone they can look to as a role model. They want someone who will share tips and information and also tell them what to avoid. They want someone who isn’t afraid to put themselves out there in public and make a name for themselves. If you can do that, you’ll gain readers and subscribers and you’ll grow your business!

Blogging is NOT easy! Like MLM, only a select few blog their way to success. Here are a few tips to having a successful blog: you must watch and learn from successful professional bloggers, comment on other related blogs, and you must write new interesting blog posts on a regular basis. NOTE: Professional bloggers write at least one post per day. What can you write about?

  • Your “journey to success” story.
  • Your advice on what NOT to do. Don’t be afraid to share the stories of mistakes you’ve made – just share how to avoid or fix the mistakes as well!
  • Ten reasons why your opportunity kicks the butts of every other opportunity out there.
  • Your tips for developing a strong business plan.
  • Your goal setting tips.
  • Stories about other successful people – they don’t have to be network marketers, just stories about successful people who reached their goals through hard work and perseverance.

Still “thinking” about writing a blog? Successful people take action!

Here are a few reasons why you should start a blog.

  • It’s easy to setup. Even people who are technologically challenged can start a blog!
  • You can increase traffic to your website from your blog.
  • You can automate your blog posts, meaning that you can write one today, and set it up to post on any date that you choose.
  • Google likes blogs!
  • You can get backlinks to your blog and increase your page rank.
  • More visibility and another excellent way to build your personal brand.
  • You can monetize your blog with AdSense and earn some extra money!
  • You can sell products (yours or other people’s) through your blog. aka Affiliate Marketing
  • People will subscribe and you’ll have an audience that is just waiting for your next post!
  • If you post on a consistent basis, your reader base will increase.
  • Readers can post comments, which means they can participate. You can answer comments if you like, creating a sense of trust and friendship.
  • You will earn the reputation of being an expert!

I hope I have convinced you to either start a blog or to continue blogging with lots of energy. Blogging is an incredibly powerful way of bringing in more traffic to your MLM website, converting prospects, and building relationships!

When you let people in on your MLM journey, share your successes, and publish helpful information, they will begin to see you not only as a trusted expert, but also as a trusted friend. This will lead to continued success on your Network Marketing quest.

Blogging takes time and energy. If you start a blog today, success will NOT be overnight, but the benefits of starting a blog can be immeasurable!

Join me at “The Real Truth About MLM” [] as I build my blog from the ground up. I’ll be providing tutorials on how to setup your own blog and experimenting with different traffic generation techniques. As time goes on, I’ll be posting statistics on which traffic generation techniques work best for my blog.

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Source by Peter Rabasa