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Free  MLM  lead generation marketing strategies can be very helpful in building your business. Can you imagine how much you can profit from hundreds of quality leads that you managed to get for free? This is also a great way for those of you who are new to the industry to get started.

Many people fail for the reason that they end up spending more money than what they bring in. All of their money is spent on marketing their respective businesses. With free  MLM  lead generation techniques you can stay in business up until you finally make the profits needed to cover the expenses of marketing you should pay for.

Free  MLM  Lead Generation Tips for your  MLM  business are:

1. Using the power of Web 2.0! aka Social Media Sites. – By getting on sites like these, you will be able to connect with thousands of people that think just like you. Share ideas, information, tips, and even build your prospect base. Join sites like Myspace, Facebook, Squidoo, etc. Build relationships and network with many like minded people. Find lots of individuals who need help with a certain problem and be the one to solve it. Joining sites like these will cost you nothing, but the amount of people you can network with are priceless.

2. Write Articles – Submitting articles is probably the best free  MLM  lead generation tactic there is. When you submit your well written article to an article directory, people read it with your links to the page or product included somewhere in the article. The more people view your article, the more people will be inclined to click on your links. And the great thing about submitting articles is that they will be out there on the internet for a long time. I would say forever but nothing lasts forever.

Some article directories send your articles out to other web sites that may request it. Now you have another article with your links somewhere else. People who have websites that have your subject matter in common with their site may use your article as content. Your article goes on their site with all your links! That means more exposure for your free  MLM  lead generation marketing strategy!

Of course, there are some paid directories but why not take advantage of great and effective marketing from free article submission.

3. Using Videos! – When you make a video and upload it to a site like YouTube, it can be seen by thousands of people. The exposure is priceless not only to your business, but to promoting yourself! Promoting yourself and showing people who you are, what you are about, and sharing what you know and how you can help others is a great way to use video instead of just making a video for the purposes of a sales pitch. Videos are a great tool if used effectively. Especially if you have your videos on many other video sites as well!

4. Organic Search Engine Traffic – Getting search engine traffic is great for free  MLM  lead generation. Especially if you have a nicely targeted niche keyword that your web product is found under. Being found by such a niche keyword means the person who searched for you really is a high quality free  MLM  lead. If you can draw herds of traffic from Google or yahoo along with using these other free methods with a couple of paid marketing techniques then you could possibly be generating 50 – 100 leads a week! Imagine what that can do for your business.

Your articles, videos, websites, or blogs, or any other online media you choose to market your business can be picked up by the search engines if optimized properly. Your objective is to get as much internet ‘real estate’ as you can and have it listed high in a search engine like Google.

Using the above techniques together should help you generate quality leads and it wont cost you an arm and a leg. I personally use them and I recommend them because they work. Make sure you put in the time and work to get everything up and running and pace yourself. Building your pages for the social media sites takes time and should be taken seriously. Videos you create also take time and you should get better with each video you make so dont be discouraged if you don’t like your first video.

I never said it would be a walk in the park. Free  MLM  lead generation may not cost you any money, but it will cost you some time. But is it worth it? Most Definitely!

Always provide quality services, products, valuable information, and your prospects should keep coming back to you for more.

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Source by G. Jones