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Isn’t it distressing to realize that so many people are stuck spinning their wheels living a life they swear was never wanted in the first place? When we were younger we had such big dreams and wishes for ourselves and somewhere along the way, life took over and the dreams seemed to dissolve. You may catch a glimpse of that life every now and again and I’m sure it makes you smile, but then you’re snapped back to reality when the baby gets sick yet you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills for the week since you have to take a day off from work. Even if you do take that day off you fear you’re not going to get anything but flack from the boss and you’ll be paranoid for a while after that your job is in jeopardy. Isn’t it pathetic that we have to be concerned about taking a day off from work to care for a child we we brought into this world to love and protect? Do you realize that we’ve been reduced to actually feeling guilty for that?

Living every day in dread is really bring more of the same to your life. By thinking about how much you can’t stand your job or even how much you miss your family isn’t doing anything but continuing the situation! I’m sure you’ve often thought about what it would be like to be free from the burden of the daily grind and at the same time be financially secure. I am telling you that if you have the ability to “think” about it, you also then have the ability to make it come to fruition?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term the ‘power of positive thinking’ over and over again and thought to yourself “yeah right, wonder how positive you’d think if you were in my situation!” And that my friend is where you’re going wrong. Allow me to share with you a little “Secret”…

The Universe has always had a law in effect that is as mysterious as it’s origins, but extremely real, very powerful and in place to be used specifically by you! It is the Law of Attraction and this law states that your thoughts broadcast out into the Universe much like when a pebble is thrown into water and the ripples grow and continue on until they reach a shore. The Universe is so vast and limitless though that there isn’t anywhere else for these thoughts to go but back to you. Conversely, if your thoughts are positive, positive things will manifest, same with negative.

So for all of these years while you have been depressed and angry and dissatisfied with the way your life has been going, you’ve basically brought it on yourself. I know, it’s a harsh, but it’s the reality. YOU create your own reality. Knowing this should be quite empowering for you as you now know that you can change all of that around and start to begin to build the life you so deserve for you and your family. You are allowed to change your mindset from a life of doom and dead end jobs. There is a much better way for you in existence…

The time is now for you to take back control of your life and visualizing yourself with your own business and having control over your life, living on your terms! You already have the power to make it happen within you, that coupled with a proven, solid system backed by a network of people who gage their success by how well you are doing can only cement your future as a successful business owner. It’s one thing to think positively towards your own endeavors but to have a well balanced group of people behind you routing for you too, you simply can not fail!

It’s time to recognize what was in you all along, the power to believe in yourself in order to make things happen! Obviously you must have been searching for something since you are reading this article, this quite possibly is the sign you’ve been looking for. It is your choice to stay in a life of default, it is your life and that is your choice. Just try not to complain about it so much, you’ve just been told what happens when you do!

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Source by Russ Sutton