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I talk to a lot of people about the hurdles of being a MLMer. I get tons of questions, comments, and even hear a lot of people’s  MLM  problems. But, Did you know that of all the problems that I hear from folks about recruiting, the number 1 issue is drop-offs.

It seems that most people are constantly recruiting only to replace others that have dropped out of the  MLM  business (drop-offs). That’s a hard way to build a true passive income. Wouldn’t you agree?

There are 3 main reasons for drop-offs:

1. Associate is not involved with training because of a time conflict or training just isn’t available.

2. Associate is making very little (if any) income.

3. Associate does not like prospecting in person or calling leads (I don’t like it either, so I don’t do it!)

The problem of  MLM  drop-offs is NOT to be taken lightly. Although it’s common in the Multi-Level Marketing industry, it shouldn’t happen as often as it does.

Just like a company with a high employee turn-over rate, it’s obvious that something is wrong in your business, most likely one of the reason’s mentioned above, and it also looks bad for the entire Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing industry. You definitely need a new  MLM  strategy.

Let’s look at a typical scenario of an MLMer trying to build his business…

Johnny’s a bright young man. He’s not well-educated, but he has a great personality, he’s charming, and he know’s what he wants out of life. He’s a headed for hugely successful career as an entrepreneur. After all, he’s determind not to work for anyone else.

Like many people, jhonny decides to try his hand at Network Marketing. His good friend, Bobby, pitched the business to him over lunch one day and he’s always thought highly of Bobby and considered him to be pretty smart guy.

Johnny’s excited about his new business and wants to tell everyone about it. Unlike myself, Johnny first talks to Sarah, his sister about it. A bit reluctantly, Sarah joins the business. Johnny’s stoked that he got his first recruit in  MLM !

Over the next couple of months, Johnny goes on to recruit 6 more people into his  MLM  business. But because Sarah dropped out a few weeks ago, (she wasn’t making any money), he had to replace her with one of his new recruits.

Over the next month, 3 of his 6 associates drop-off. 2 of them dropped out because they aren’t making any money either and the other just doesn’t feel comfortable prospecting on the phone or to total strangers.

Johnny, always being one step ahead, recruits 2 more, so he’s up to 5 associates in his downline now.2 of them are fresh meat and have no training and the other 3 aren’t producing any results. Wait! Just 5 associates after nearly 4 months of work? Why is Johnny stuck in a rut?

It’s easier to build your  MLM  business faster than it is to build it slower…

Isn’t that an odd statement? At first it doesn’t make sense. But think about it for a second. Look at Johnny’s business. He’s working his tail off and folks are dropping like flies. Why?

The reason is that he’s building his  MLM  business too slowly. People become very unmotivated very quickly in this business. If they aren’t training on a daily basis, and working with leads right out of the gate and every day there after, you can bet they’ll quickly drop-off and go into hiding. (You know what I’m talking about.)

As your associates drop-off, you’re constantly having to recruit more people to replace them. It becomes a never-ending battle that will leave you frustrated and bitter.

Now imagine a business where people are excited…

What if you could immediately plug your new recruit into a system that put them in front of interested prospects almost immediately (not face-to-face or over the phone of course)? They would start making money almost immediately!

What if you could train all of your associates no matter what time of the day it is, no matter how busy they are, and without conflicting with anyone’s schedule. Now you’ve stopped managing your associates and you have more time to build your business!

What if your entire team was excited and motivated to build YOUR business? What then? Your team’s motivation and training will push your  MLM  business into a thriving, successful empire!

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Source by G. Collins