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The Highway to Success

Get LEADS On Autopilot! I’m a stay at home mom who is thankful for the opportunity to build my in home MLM business while traveling. And that’s what I did this Saturday; I drove with my girls to the Bay Area. Normally, this is about an hour and a half drive but this weekend it took us over 2 hours! My oldest daughter asked why there was so much traffic. I gave several examples, such as an accident, stalled vehicle, etc.., but the traffic was really out of my control. Nevertheless, I assured her we would eventually arrive at...

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MLM Is The Greatest Opportunity On Earth

Get LEADS On Autopilot! Network marketing is not about numbers. It’s about real people with real hopes and dreams. It is not by any means a get rich quick scheme. If you’re looking for a way to make vast amounts of money in a very short time then it is not for you. It is a proven business system, which has been in existence since the 1940’s. Income is generated in two ways – through personal sales and bonus earned from team building. Network marketing is a serious business for serious people. When serious people start their business, they...

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The Truth About Darnell Self of Prepaid Legal Services

Get LEADS On Autopilot! One of the top leaders in Prepaid Legal Services right now is Darnell Self. Darnell is what Prepaid Legal Services refers to as a Millionaire Club Member, meaning that he has earned over 1 million dollars in commissions from Prepaid Legal over the course of his career. He is married to Traci Self. Both of them started their careers as mall workers. Believing that there was a better life than their then check-to-check lifestyle, the Self’s got involved in network marketing. Darnell’s success wasn’t immediate however, and he often talks of struggling through their early...

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The Lifestyle in Denver

Get LEADS On Autopilot! It’s Mostly sunny in Denver Since Denver is located beneath the RMNP on high plains, the town has a climate with moderate temperatures, and low humidity. Moreover, the weather is warm most of the year. The sky is overcast for around 40 days each year. The exposure to the sun for most of the year is a kind of health hazard. The reality is that the sunlight is a blessing for the lifestyle of the residents. Denverites Stay Active As far as physical activity goes, the residents of the city deserve a lot of praise....

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Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

Get LEADS On Autopilot! Lifestyle reflects our beliefs, attitudes, customs, behaviors, and values. A lifestyle can fill us with joy, keep us healthy, and allow us to become more successful. It can also contribute to illness or hold us back from the things we are capable of accomplishing. Fortunately, we can choose actions and habits that keep us happy, healthy, and successful. We have that choice daily. Maltbie Babcock summarized this very elegantly when she wrote, “A day dawns, quite like other days; in it, a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in...

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